Sunday, February 14, 2016

Walking to church

To get to church, we walk 4 minutes to the bus stop. We take a bus for 10 minutes, and then walk another 20. When the weather is nice, we play worship music on my phone and the kids skip along. But when the weather is bad, we have a system: I'm the caboose--I make sure no one gets left behind. Karl is the pace car...and occasionally the tow truck. ;)
Our congregation is about 30 people.

Worship music and the sermon is done in Italian. We have learned most of our spiritual vocabulary through the screens, as Italians don't talk about grace or redemption in everyday conversations. The kids go to a small Sunday school class--3 to 5 kids on an average week. The class is in Italian, which they still do not speak well (since they school in English). It has stretched their patience to participate in church when they don't understand the language. My oldest said, "Now I know to be thankful when I get to worship in English! I never thought to be thankful for this before!"

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