Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Students Answer What They Think About God

The conversations in this video are representative of a typical conversation about God...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Calling to Italy

This August, we are moving to Italy, where we will be lights for Jesus Christ in a spiritually dark place. In 2012, we spent 6 weeks ministering at the University of Bologna (pronounced Boh-low-nyuh) in northern Italy. In our hundreds of conversations, a resounding ideology surmounted our efforts—students do not believe that God exists. They don’t think there is life after death. They do not believe the Bible is God’s Word because to them, there is no God.

Out of the 100,000 students, we met ONE who was a faithful believer—a guy named Simone.  He came to faith through our fellow Cru members who were there on a previous short-term mission. After a year of discipleship, Simone began coming with us to share his faith with other Italians! However, our hearts broke to leave him immersed in an atheistic university culture without Christian community. While many beautiful churches in Italy remain, they are empty except for a few elderly saints and scads of tourists.

We are burdened for the people of Italy! And even more so knowing that there are few long-term missionaries there. It’s reported that less than 1% of Italians know someone who follows Christ! Compelled by this need, our family of 5 is returning to Bologna to offer Jesus to the 100,000 lost students, and to give stability and guidance to the few believers. We will also pioneer a new ministry at the university in Milan, which has no Christian presence or exposure.

Please pray for us as we embark on this challenging yet rewarding ministry!