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In the Words of our Ministry Partners

"I have enjoyed the privilege of following the Cru ministry of Karl and Keri Armentrout for over 15 years. They are faithful followers of Christ and are effectively reaching college students of the world with the message of Christ. Karl and Keri demonstrate a heartfelt devotion to sharing the Gospel, training others, and discipling others. I am thankful to have the opportunity to support their ministry and look forward to continuing to partner with them."
~Stephen Bertrand, Lewisville, Texas

"Hi, my name is Haley, and I wanted to take just a few moments to express about what a blessing it has been to be on Keri and Karl's ministry partner team..."
{continued in 50 second video}

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Our daughter's Lyme disease update

Thanks so much for praying for H! We have felt love and care from far and near.
We got word last week that she is free from Lyme disease!!!! We are praising the Lord!

Our area of the country is known as "Lyme disease capital of the world." Pennsylvania's wooded landscape and mild temperatures make conditions ripe for ticks that carry the disease.
Here's why this whole thing has been so trying and tricky:

Lyme disease is from a bacteria that is shaped like a spiral. When it's not caught early, it literally drills into the body and eventually reaches the nervous system where it is no longer possible to eradicate, and people suffer with pain and disabilities associated it with it for their whole lives. But when detected early, it can be eliminated with high dose antibiotics.

We are so thankful that we recognized the early symptoms in H and that her doctor treated her right away. There were some complications along the way as she is allergic to penicillin, leaving he…

Giving Perspective on Giving Tuesday

Having worked for a not-for-profit these last 18 years, my perspective on giving has changed so much from what it once was. 

Beyond generosity, it is an invisible connectivity. 

It extends past this moment, creating ripples outwardly and continually. 

While measured today in dollars, its effects cannot be measured. 

Giving is truly an act of heart and of faith as it communicates both, "There are things more valuable than what money can buy," and "I trust God to take this beyond where I can see."

Thank you to all who give! I am forever changed by my front row seat of giving and receiving.

New Believers in the Northeast!

Praise God that students at Bently, Brandeis, Harvard, UMass, and others have recently given their lives to the Lord!
Please pray for these new brothers and sisters in Christ:


Praying for our Cru alumni who are now teachers

It's so fun to see SO MANY CRU ALUMNI who are living life on mission in the classroom as teachers! 

We love y'all, and we're so proud of you! Whether public school or private school, we know you're encouraging kiddos with the love of Jesus that's in you.

Everyone, will you please join us in praising God for these Spirit-filled teachers! Please pray with us a blessing of God's mighty strength, love, patience, and protection over them.

What is a "Spiritual Conversation?"

A spiritual conversation is an intentional one. It's not "watered down" or "politically correct," but instead, a stimulating discussion about things such as life after death, God's existence, the source of truth, and many other things alike that are necessary to define before someone can understand the Gospel.

We initiate spiritual conversations in 3 ways: Natural Mode, Ministry Mode, and Body-Life Mode.
Natural mode evangelism is just like it sounds. As we go about the natural things of the day, we open up discussions about spiritual topics. We share the Gospel through our testimonies and by relaying scripture that we've memorized. Students do this in the community as they work, mostly in food service jobs. We all do this on the beach as we are playing or sunning, and we naturally begin conversations with other beach visitors. Also as we go about our day, chatting with our Walmart cashiers, restaurant servers, and neighbors, we sow seeds of the Gospe…