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In the Words of our Ministry Partners

"I have enjoyed the privilege of following the Cru ministry of Karl and Keri Armentrout for over 15 years. They are faithful followers of Christ and are effectively reaching college students of the world with the message of Christ. Karl and Keri demonstrate a heartfelt devotion to sharing the Gospel, training others, and discipling others. I am thankful to have the opportunity to support their ministry and look forward to continuing to partner with them."
~Stephen Bertrand, Lewisville, Texas

"Hi, my name is Haley, and I wanted to take just a few moments to express about what a blessing it has been to be on Keri and Karl's ministry partner team..."
{continued in 50 second video}

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Praying for our Cru alumni who are now teachers

It's so fun to see SO MANY CRU ALUMNI who are living life on mission in the classroom as teachers! 

We love y'all, and we're so proud of you! Whether public school or private school, we know you're encouraging kiddos with the love of Jesus that's in you.

Everyone, will you please join us in praising God for these Spirit-filled teachers! Please pray with us a blessing of God's mighty strength, love, patience, and protection over them.

What is a "Spiritual Conversation?"

A spiritual conversation is an intentional one. It's not "watered down" or "politically correct," but instead, a stimulating discussion about things such as life after death, God's existence, the source of truth, and many other things alike that are necessary to define before someone can understand the Gospel.

We initiate spiritual conversations in 3 ways: Natural Mode, Ministry Mode, and Body-Life Mode.
Natural mode evangelism is just like it sounds. As we go about the natural things of the day, we open up discussions about spiritual topics. We share the Gospel through our testimonies and by relaying scripture that we've memorized. Students do this in the community as they work, mostly in food service jobs. We all do this on the beach as we are playing or sunning, and we naturally begin conversations with other beach visitors. Also as we go about our day, chatting with our Walmart cashiers, restaurant servers, and neighbors, we sow seeds of the Gospe…

Praising God for this health update and for providing a wonderful new doctor!

Friends, thank you so much for praying for our health. The Lord has answered specifically and mightily!
It has come to light that I have a genetic disorder, one that's been with me all my life. Knowing the details of this gene has been able to connect the dots of so many health issues that I've struggled with for years. There's treatment for it and for the several dominoes of struggling health that have resulted in the past decade. I've been on prescription supplements for the past 40 days, and have seen tremendous improvement in my breath, energy, and mobility! I'm floored with God's provision of the diagnosis and treatment!
The diagnosis came through a doctor who is unlike any other I've seen. During my first appointment with him, he asked me one main question, and then prayed over me for 10 minutes. It was a specific, humble prayer, acknowledging that all wisdom comes from God. This doc's humility was obvious, and he said that he accepted the call to…

Our Water Fiasco

Disclaimer: This isn't a well-written piece. It's more like my journal entry. Thank you for reading and praying.

I spent most of 2018 at the doctor. Unexplained rashes, infections, and breathing difficulties were just a few of the ailments. Holly too, who already struggles with auto-immune health, had an infection that wouldn't quit. The doctors were puzzled, as test after test revealed no disease, yet symptom after symptom kept persisting. And those symptoms began causing secondary issues. I've felt like an 80 year old in a not-yet-40 year old body. Yet I'd see 80 years olds who were getting around with better! I couldn't move, breath, lift, or bend without assistance. The things I relied on for enjoyment and worship, such as singing and dancing, were impossible for me. Holly had gone back for treatment #12 for a fungal infection that is usually cleared up after treatment #3. In addition to medicines and doctors, we were using regimens of natural therapies t…

HBSM Student Interview

We returned from our Summer Mission in New Hampshire. It was such a privilege to see God work in and through the 22 students who lived and served with us for 10 weeks. Their impact on the community is visible! And the Lord's impact on them through this experience is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Hear Hannah share her experience and see some of the aspects of this mission in this 2 minute video. We hope it blesses you!
Hannah's Summer Mission Story from Gary Nomura on Vimeo.

What happens after Big Break

Sometimes we wonder if a decision made for Jesus with a stranger on the beach is a true decision. Does the fruit last? Likewise we wonder about our past students--do they remember what they've learned? Do they keep pressing on as a disciple of Christ?

That's why when we hear from people who have been blessed by this ministry in the past, it is SUCH an encouragement to our hearts and even more importantly, a testimony to God's faithfulness. HE grows the fruit. We merely walk in obedience and keep sharing the message with others.

We received an email from a pastor who put his faith in Christ on the beach with a Cru student who was attending Big Break TWENTY-NINE YEARS AGO (back then it was called "Operation Son-shine"). He said he has walked a life of faith since that day. He thanked our organization and offered prayers for our ministry.

We also got a sweet picture sent to us through Facebook. I'll let you read this one for yourselves: