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In the Words of our Ministry Partners

"I have enjoyed the privilege of following the Cru ministry of Karl and Keri Armentrout for over 15 years. They are faithful followers of Christ and are effectively reaching college students of the world with the message of Christ. Karl and Keri demonstrate a heartfelt devotion to sharing the Gospel, training others, and discipling others. I am thankful to have the opportunity to support their ministry and look forward to continuing to partner with them."
~Stephen Bertrand, Lewisville, Texas

"Hi, my name is Haley, and I wanted to take just a few moments to express about what a blessing it has been to be on Keri and Karl's ministry partner team..."
{continued in 50 second video}

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Recent posts

HBSM Student Interview

We returned from our Summer Mission in New Hampshire. It was such a privilege to see God work in and through the 22 students who lived and served with us for 10 weeks. Their impact on the community is visible! And the Lord's impact on them through this experience is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Hear Hannah share her experience and see some of the aspects of this mission in this 2 minute video. We hope it blesses you!
Hannah's Summer Mission Story from Gary Nomura on Vimeo.

What happens after Big Break

Sometimes we wonder if a decision made for Jesus with a stranger on the beach is a true decision. Does the fruit last? Likewise we wonder about our past students--do they remember what they've learned? Do they keep pressing on as a disciple of Christ?

That's why when we hear from people who have been blessed by this ministry in the past, it is SUCH an encouragement to our hearts and even more importantly, a testimony to God's faithfulness. HE grows the fruit. We merely walk in obedience and keep sharing the message with others.

We received an email from a pastor who put his faith in Christ on the beach with a Cru student who was attending Big Break TWENTY-NINE YEARS AGO (back then it was called "Operation Son-shine"). He said he has walked a life of faith since that day. He thanked our organization and offered prayers for our ministry.

We also got a sweet picture sent to us through Facebook. I'll let you read this one for yourselves:

Big Break Praise Report

We are rejoicing that so many people heard the Gospel this month and that many have been added to the family of God!

Here are the final reports. In the month of March, through Cru students and staff in Panama City Beach, Florida:

2,837 spiritual conversations occurred

of which, 1038 people heard the 4 main points and scriptures of the Gospel.

Of those, 244 made first time faith decisions and prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior!

326 people who already professed faith were led through a study of scriptures about abiding in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your prayers and sending which allowed us to go and serve for 3 weeks! Please keep these young brothers and sisters in faith in your prayers!

Prepping for Cru Winter Conference

This season is full with preparing for Cru Winter Conference, held Dec. 27-Jan 1.

In this 40 second video, you can see glimpses of all that God does there. It's amazing how He moves when students pull away from everything else for one week and devote all their attention to Christ. Lives are changed forever!

You'll won't be able to know the depth of every individual's story, but take a glimpse at:

transformational communityrich teaching of the Biblecorporate worshipdevoted prayer spacestopical workshopsfood packingcommunity outreachworld missions focus and offeringsign ups for short and long term missionsdiscipleship relationshipspeople coming to faith in Christ!

God Multiplies Our Efforts

In early 2017, I self-published an article on my personal blog. I had given it more detailed attention than I usually do, and held off publishing it for 18 months while I refined it and waited for God's leading to share it.

When I felt His leading, I surrendered it in prayer--asking Him to bring it in front of the eyes He wanted to read it.

After sharing it, Bible Gateway noticed it and shared on their social media sites. Another publisher asked permission to condense and republish as well.

God multiplied my efforts by bringing it to audiences that I would never have contact with naturally! I am simultaneously humbled and thrilled by the experience. Isn't that how the joy of the Lord works?--Realizing how small we are in our efforts while basking in the majesty of His power!

Here is the original article:

[Bible Gateway retitled it: "10 Reasons You're Not Reading Your Bible" which …