Do my donations go directly to you? Yes, our give link takes you to our direct account with Cru. Our salary and ministry expenses come from this account. Cru does not use central funds for employee salaries. We independently raise all funds necessary to minister and to live. 

Why college students? Today's college student is tomorrow's world changer. Graduates will hold positions of leadership and influence around the world. Also, college is the most influential time in the life of a young adult--one typically chooses the path for their life between the ages of 18-25. We want to be there while people are at the crossroads and offer them the only thing that truly fulfills--Jesus Christ.

Are you affiliated with a particular church? No, Cru is inter-denominational (not non-denominational), meaning we work with all Christian denominations. You can read our statement of faith.

Why do you choose to do ministry with a mission organization instead of a church? 70% of non-Christians in the USA are not interested in church events. When surveyed, they will not attend even if invited by a friend. Church ministry is a good and important thing, and we work closely with churches on many occasions. The Lord calls each of us to our particular ministry, and He has called us to the 70%. These people will only hear the Gospel through one-on-one relationships and through resources on the internet. This is where our focus is--sharing the love of Christ with others, developing students to share that same love with others, and resourcing today's generation so that more may hear the message. 

Why monthly donations? Because our ministry is on-going, monthly contributions help us be consistent in our funds, salary, and anticipated ministry expenses. It also allows those who do not have large amounts of expendable income to partner with us by making a commitment to faithfully sacrifice from their regular earnings. 

Do you accept one-time donations? Yes. We understand that some people are not able to give monthly at certain times. We have reoccurring annual expenses for conferences and Summer Missions, and a one-time donation will be used toward those. We would ask you to prayerfully consider making your one-time gift annually. 

How long is the monthly commitment? It's open-ended. We have served with Cru for 16 years, and many of our monthly donors have been giving monthly from the very beginning. We plan on being in ministry for the long-haul, and pray that our partners would be so blessed by their investment in eternity that they would remain with us for as long as we are! However, we know that this isn't always possible for everyone, so people have the freedom to end their commitment when they feel the Lord is leading them to do so. We do ask that they give us a 30 day notice so we can replace them.  

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