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In the Words of our Ministry Partners

"I have enjoyed the privilege of following the Cru ministry of Karl and Keri Armentrout for over 15 years. They are faithful followers of Christ and are effectively reaching college students of the world with the message of Christ. Karl and Keri demonstrate a heartfelt devotion to sharing the Gospel, training others, and discipling others. I am thankful to have the opportunity to support their ministry and look forward to continuing to partner with them." ~Stephen Bertrand, Lewisville, Texas "Hi, my name is Haley, and I wanted to take just a few moments to express about what a blessing it has been to be on Keri and Karl's ministry partner team..." {continued in 50 second video} For more info on becoming a ministry partner and to set up your regular giving online, please see our direct and secure personal giving site: Get to know us and our ministry better through this video:
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From Idea to Published!

  Last night I taught at Philly Cru's city-wide meeting (virtually) for a series they're hosting called "The Gospel & ____." My topic was "The Gospel & Social Media," which is one of my favorites things to teach. In 2014 when I spoke about it at Cru's Spring Break conference, people asked me if I could put some of it in writing. I liked the idea, but it was also the year we were moving to Italy, and while writing in the Italian countryside sounds dreamy, our city life in Italia was full of other endeavors. In 2017, after we had been back in the U.S. for a year, I wondered if it might be the time to start writing. My wondering turned to certainty when I began consistently waking up at 5AM without an alarm, which gave me two hours of alone time on an average day. I knew the Lord was guiding me because I never (ever ever) wake up on my own that early, yet I consistently was up and felt clear-headed and compelled to write. My bff commemorated the co

Dinner with Cru's Presidents, Past & Present

2001 was a historic year for Campus Crusade for Christ. Bill Bright, Cru's founder and president since 1951 passed his baton of leadership to Steve Douglass. With Bright's health in rapid decline, he entrusted to the Douglasses the ministry that grew from one group at UCLA to 191 countries around the world. Bill's wife, Vonette, had always been integral to the ministry, and she and Bill worked together as a team even while they raised children. Steve's wife, Judy, had done the same, and together, the Brights led us through a ceremonial time of celebrating 50 years of ministry and inducting the next phase of leadership.  We were in the room for this beautiful ceremony. This meaningful summer marked our first year on staff with Cru. Our first united staff conference was this experience. It made a big impact on us. We were young, and inexperienced in ministry and adulthood, but we vividly remember the laying on of hands, the anointing with oil, and the complete reverent su

Presidential Ceremony Highlights

Our family gathered around the breakfast table to join the live, worldwide induction ceremony for Cru's new president, Steve Sellers. Our hearts are so encouraged!  Highlights include: 1. History of Cru's founder, Bill Bright, and seeing God's faithfulness on display. 2. Our outgoing president, Steve Douglass, addressing the global ministry, giving his full support to Sellers, and encouraging us all to value deeply and prioritize unity among the body of Christ. 3. VP of Global leadership, Dela Adadevoh, "We are called to 'every' person, and that is not a human thing, that is a God thing!" 4. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Barry Cannada assuring everyone of the Lord's leading in this passing of the baton of leadership, "We prayed; we fasted; we carefully selected." 5. Mission leaders from over 25 nations affirming God's calling to the Great Commission in their native tongues. (Wowing!) 6. Global prayer, live in unison, for the new pre

Our daughter's Lyme disease update

Thanks so much for praying for H! We have felt love and care from far and near. We got word last week that she is free from Lyme disease!!!! We are praising the Lord! Our area of the country is known as "Lyme disease capital of the world." Pennsylvania's wooded landscape and mild temperatures make conditions ripe for ticks that carry the disease. Lyme disease cases in the US, 2017 Here's why this whole thing has been so trying and tricky: Lyme disease is from a bacteria that is shaped like a spiral. When it's not caught early, it literally drills into the body and eventually reaches the nervous system where it is no longer possible to eradicate, and people suffer with pain and disabilities associated it with it for their whole lives. But when detected early, it can be eliminated with high dose antibiotics. We are so thankful that we recognized the early symptoms in H and that her doctor treated her right away. There were some complications along the

Giving Perspective on Giving Tuesday

Having worked for a not-for-profit these last 18 years, my perspective on giving has changed so much from what it once was.  Beyond generosity, it is an invisible connectivity.  It extends past this moment, creating ripples outwardly and continually.  While measured today in dollars, its effects cannot be measured.  Giving is truly an act of heart and of faith as it communicates both, "There are things more valuable than what money can buy," and "I trust God to take this beyond where I can see."   Thank you to all who give! I am forever changed by my front row seat of giving and receiving.